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And our Affix - Cilgwri?

This is Welsh (and was the name of our home for over 15 years) and it means a 'hideaway' or 'retreat' so is very appropriate as the affix for our hounds.

And the big problem people seem to have is in pronouncing it - but it's really quite easy if you just follow the poem...

  • Hounds in a hurry
  • Hunting through slurry
  • No need to worry
  • They come from Cilgwri



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Welcome to the Cilgwri Bloodhounds Web Site.

And it all began with .....Baggins....

We first started to keep these wonderful animals over 20 years ago - our very first hound being Baggins. Now Baggins was blind from birth - yes we were literally sold a 'pup' - but we fell completely in love with her from the very first moment and that love has never ever left us. From that moment onwards and for the next 9.5 years she tried her very best to teach us all we needed to know about Bloodhounds.

Despite her blindness she took over our lives - whether it was bounding around the fields - including jumping ditches on command - or simply demonstrating just how stubborn, difficult and cunning a bloodhound can be when they turn their mind to it. And as the next puppies began to arrive she taught them as well!

Baggins is always in our hearts as we constantly have had hundreds of reminders of her funny ways in all those who followed her....

  • Duffle - the hound that children remember as living under the table who loved licking toes - but could be frequently naughty.

  • Kit -Duffle's litter sister who loaded the bullets for Duffle to fire - and developed a great skill at leaping on to people's knees unexpectedly.

  • Lady - a real showgirl and our first winning hound - one of the last from the Abingerwood kennels.

  • Tucker - What a gentleman. Taken from us far too young - all the girls missed him when he went - it was as if he had been taken from them as well - even though for the first summer of his life he was known as... "NO TUCKER!"

  • Compo - Another perfect gentleman - after a long illness (Epilepsy) we lost Compo in late 2004 - we are still feeling the pain - he was such a lovely boy and his loss has left us bereft - despite the other 5 we had. All hounds are special but some seem to add a little more to our lives which is now far sadder without him. His only trialing outing as a 1 year old saw him pick up a Certificate of Merit and I (Robin) always believed that he had the potential to become great, like his brother (Keano)

  • September 2005 we lost our Polly who at just over 8 years of age had kidney failure but still managed to outlive the vets predictions, saw the new puppies born and still found time to surprise us on occasions. Digging up the lawn and retrieving dead birds and small mammals being her speciality.

  • The loss in March 2009 is perhaps the saddest of all that we have ever had to cope with - Clemmie at just 18 weeks of age. Clemmie was the daughter of our Strudel. Although she was with us for only a little time she has left a massive hole in our lives. She was a live wire, the life and soul of the party and a constant and utter delight. God obviously wanted her for himself.

  • Clemmie was closely followed by her grandmother Grace who died in August 2009 at the age of 9.5yrs. She was a lovely hound one of Eileen's favourites and it was a big shock as she had not been ill for more than 48 hours. 'Gruesome Gracie' as Robin called her (as she had a tendency to be a little awkward at times) was the mother of two of our litters (Lords and Ladies and the first Star Litter) she did very well in the show ring much preferring to wear the party dress rather than the running shoes of her sister Phoebe.

Like Baggins these eight are no longer with us, but in their own individual ways they all continued to add to our love of bloodhounds and they have passed on their stubborn, awkward and amusing behaviour to the current generation..

  • Click on Cilgwri Hounds above for information on our present hound group.

We hope that you enjoy looking through this site - we really REALLY love our hounds and we are more than happy to talk to anyone about them - and if you are seeking a puppy - then we may be able to help - we simply want you to love them as much as we do.

So if you want more information on our puppies - we do have occasional litters - or in fact just want to talk Bloodhounds then feel free to contact us...

Robin and Eileen Peers


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